Our Company

PINTO PIGA SEEDS is a Chilean based company created to provide seed production services. Pinto Piga seeds was born after former company Piga seeds was split-up among its partners. Pinto Piga seeds continues providing the same seed production services Piga seeds used to offer and for the same crops and conditions, always focused around the proven quality and reliability we have earned over the last 25 years. In Chile, the Pinto Piga Seeds headquarters are located in El Monte (42 Km west of Santiago) and it is divided into four production areas and two service groups:

  1. Field Crop Production
  2. Vegetable Seed Production
  3. Homefarm
  4. Processing
  5. Laboratories
  6. Production research to support production teams.

Pinto Piga Seeds subcontracts production in various growing areas to well-known, reliable growers. Production is supervised by over 22 full-time agronomists, each one specialized in particular crops. Our production groups provide technical advice and quality control to growers. Working with Pinto Piga Seeds guarantees that you will obtain reliability and the highest possible seed quality at a reasonable price.


Our mission is to produce quality seeds, in close collaboration with of our staff. For this, we face the future with an entrepreneurial attitude, always looking to new opportunities for development and growth.


Our intention is to remain in time beyond our founders, to have a committed team, capable and impregnated with our culture, which ensures the success of the organization, collaborators, and the agricultural environment where it operates.


In Pinto Piga Seeds S.A. We are committed to: -Accomplish our customers’ requirements through high physical and physiological quality products and services. -Keep appropriate conditions for the safety and health of our workers. -Continuously improve our processes. -Maintain and constantly improve our infrastructure in order to provide our services -Have trained personnel and committed to the functions they performed. -Comply with regulatory requirements, and with those that apply to us.